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Data privacy statement

Lapp Holding AG considers the protection of its users' personal data to be of paramount importance and complies with all data protection regulations. We will not, under any circumstances, sell on any data collected.

The following statement provides an overview of how Lapp ensures that this data is protected, and explains which data is collected for which purposes. Additionally, the user hereby gives his/her express consent for the necessary use of the data and is informed of his/her rights.

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Personal data
'Personal data' refers to any information concerning the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual (the data subject). This includes information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth. Information, which is not directly connected with the true identity of an individual, such as websites visited or the number of users of a site, is not classified as personal data.

Data controller
Lapp Holding AG, Oskar-Lapp-Str. 2, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany, is the primary data controller, within the meaning of the data protection legislation, and Lapp Service GmbH, Oskar-Lapp-Strasse 2, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany and U.I. Lapp GmbH, Schulze-Delitzsch-Str. 25, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany are the secondary data controllers, as server administrators and data processors.

Data security
Lapp implements all necessary technical and organisational security measures to protect personal data against loss and misuse. To this end, data is saved in a secure location which is inaccessible to the general public.
Confidential information is encrypted using an SSL certificate, where possible, and transmitted over the HTTPS protocol.

Data processing, consent to the use of data
When users visit our website, Lapp's servers will, be default, temporarily save the following information for the purposes of system security:

  • the connection data of the computer requesting access
  • data identifying the browser and operating system used
  • the date and duration of the visit

Lapp cannot assign this automatically collected data to specific individuals. This data will not be combined with any other data sources, and will be deleted after a statistical analysis. Additional personal information, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, will not be collected unless it is provided voluntarily by users, for example, when using the contact form.

Lapp will also collect and save all and any information, which users enter on its website or impart to Lapp in any other manner.

Contact form
Lapp collects and saves all information, which users enter and impart to Lapp in the contact form provided. This data includes:

  • First name (mandatory field)
  • Second name (mandatory field)
  • Email address (mandatory field)
  • Country (mandatory field)
  • Subject (mandatory field)
  • Message (mandatory field)

The following additional data can be entered in the contact form:

  • Company
  • Title
  • Customer no.
  • Street/No.
  • Postcode
  • Town/city
  • Telephone
  • Fax

Lapp will use the personal data provided by users via the contact form solely for the purposes of answering user enquiries, and in the event that any follow-up queries arise. The contact form containing the enquiry, together with the data entered in the contact form, will be forwarded to the local Lapp subsidiary or Lapp distribution partner responsible. This party will then get in touch with the user. By sending off the contact form, the user hereby gives his/her express consent to this. Once the form has been passed on, the local Lapp subsidiary or Lapp distribution partner will be responsible for compliance with the data protection regulations. Lapp Holding AG will then have no further influence on this, but will always comply with the data protection legislation within its own area of responsibility.

Lapp is entitled to collect, process and save the data specified for the purposes specified and is also entitled to use this data for its own purposes. Lapp is also entitled to contact users who provide Lapp with their email address for the purpose specified when the email address was provided. This is agreed to by the user.

Only where the user has given prior consent, and/or if – to the extent that legal provisions allow for this – the user has not raised any objections, will Lapp also use this information for product-related surveys and marketing purposes.

Personal data will only be forwarded or otherwise imparted to third parties in the following circumstances:

  • If it is necessary to forward this data in order to process the order or contract.
  • If the user has expressly consented to this.
  • Within the framework of processing the order or contract, the data will be stored on the servers of service providers; in this connection, Lapp will comply with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

Service providers
We commission other companies to perform certain tasks for us. The service providers have access to personal information, which is needed for the performance of their tasks. They may not use this information for other purposes, however. In addition, they are obliged to handle all information solely in accordance with this Data Privacy Statement and with the Federal Data Protection Act. You hereby give your express consent to this collection and forwarding or imparting of your personal data.

Withdrawal of consent
Users may at any time withdraw their consent regarding the retention of their personal data. This withdrawal of consent can be made informally. To this end, please contact Lapp Holding AG, and preferably the data protection officer (address at the end of this Data Privacy Statement). If consent is withdrawn for the saving and processing of personal data, this data will be deleted. In this event, the user may no longer be able to use some or any of the functions on this website. If your data cannot be deleted for statutory or contractual reasons, or due to commercial or tax law, it will be blocked instead of deleted.

Correction, blocking and deletion of data pursuant to BDSG
Users additionally have the right, under Section 35 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), to have their data corrected, blocked or deleted. In accordance with this Act, personal data must be deleted if its storage is not permissible, if it concerns information on racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, union membership, health, sex life, criminal offences or administrative offences and the data controller is unable to prove their accuracy, if it is processed for the company’s own purposes as soon as knowledge of it is no longer needed for fulfilling the purpose for which it was saved, or if it is processed commercially for the purposes of transmitting it and a review at the end of the fourth calendar year, beginning on the date on which the data were first stored, shows that further storage is unnecessary.
Personal data will be blocked (rather than deleted) if retention periods prescribed by law, statutes or contracts rule out its deletion, there is reason to assume that its deletion would impair legitimate interests of the data subject, or if deletion is not possible or is only possible at disproportionate expense and effort due to the specific type of storage. Personal data will also be blocked if its correctness is disputed by the data subject and it cannot be ascertained whether it is correct or incorrect.
If data is incorrect, the user has the right to have this corrected.

Lapp's websites use "cookies" at numerous points. They make the website more user-friendly, more effective and more secure. Cookies are small text files which allow the user to be re-identified. They are placed on the user's computer and saved by its browser. Most cookies used by Lapp are so-called "session cookies". These are automatically deleted after the user leaves our website.
It is also possible to browse our website without using cookies. Users have the option of altering their browser's settings to deactivate the storage of cookies, restrict them to certain websites or to inform them as soon as a cookie is sent. Users can also delete cookies from their hard drives (in the "Cookies" folder). However this will result in restrictions on how the website is displayed.
Cookies do not cause damage, nor do they contain viruses.

Piwik web analytics application
This site uses Piwik, a web analytics application. Piwik uses cookies (see also "Cookies" in this respect), which allow Lapp to analyse the website's use. The information generated about the use of the website (including the user's shortened IP address) will be transferred to our server and stored for analytical purposes. This enables Lapp to optimise its site. As a part of this process, the user's IP address is promptly anonymised, so that he/she remains unidentifiable by Lapp. The information generated by the cookie about your use of this website will not be passed on to third parties.

If you do not wish there to be any record of your visit (storage and analysis of this data):

  • You can prevent the use of cookies by configuring your browser software accordingly, although this may result in you being unable to use all of the functions of this website to their full extent.
  • You can also subsequently object to the storage and use of this data at any time at the click of a mouse. If you opt to do this, a so-called "opt-out" cookie will be filed in your browser. This has the effect of preventing Piwik from collecting any session data.
  • It is important to note in this respect that if you delete your cookies, you will also delete this opt-out cookie, and you will therefore need to reactivate it.

You can decide whether a unique web analytics cookie may be filed in your browser in order to enable the website operator to collect and analyse a range of statistical data.
If you do not wish to allow this, click here (link) to file the Piwik deactivation cookie in your browser.

If the box is ticked, your visit will be recorded with Piwik. If you remove the tick by clicking on it, no further records will be made.

Right to information
Pursuant to the Federal Data Protection Act, users are entitled to view, via the site's operator, the personal data stored about them at any time and free of charge. They are also entitled to be given information on the origin and the recipient of the data as well as the purpose of its storage. This information will be provided in writing. Any information requests must be sent to the data protection officer at Lapp Holding AG.

Additional information
The user is aware that current technologies are not yet able to guarantee complete and total data protection when transmitting data over the internet. The user will therefore bear responsibility for the security of the data that he/she transmits over the internet. The trust of its users is of paramount importance to Lapp. Lapp would therefore be delighted to discuss and answer any queries regarding the processing of personal data. If questions remain, which have not been answered by this Data Privacy Statement, or if users require more detailed information on any specific point, they can contact our data protection officer at any time:


For information, suggestions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, please feel free to contact our data protection officer:

Lapp Holding AG
Data Protection Officer
Oskar-Lapp-Str. 2
70565 Stuttgart, Germany
Fax: +49 (0)711 78383216

The English Translation is for convenience purposes only. The German version is binding.

Last updated: 01.03.2015 / v.15



Die U.I. Lapp GmbH (Lapp) nimmt den Schutz der persönlichen Daten ihrer Kunden sehr ernst und hält
sich an die Regeln der Datenschutzgesetze. In keinem Fall werden die erhobenen Daten verkauft.
Die nachfolgende Erklärung gibt einen Überblick darüber, wie Lapp diesen Schutz gewährleistet und
welche Art von Daten zu welchem Zweck erhoben werden; außerdem erklärt der Kunde sich mit der
erforderlichen Nutzung der Daten einverstanden und wird über seine Rechte informiert.